WNS XMPP Account Registration

This is a messaging protocol, like an instant messenger. Keep contact with WNS friends. All you need is a compatible messenger like Pidgin or our in-page messenger by enabling it via Customize WNS features. Just scroll down, click the checkbox and save. Any XMPP client should work pending it hasn't somehow fallen out of development and compatibility with most recent XMPP servers. Simply sign up, add "wrestlr.me" as the server/domain, and add friends as if it were an email address like user@wrestlr.me format. Bear in mind it is NOT an email address. Communications are fully encrypted using TLS 1.2 and LetsEncrypt.Org certificates.
We have an A+ grade according to SSL Labs: (WNS) / (wrestlr.me).

Username: @wrestlr.me
Confirm Password:
Server info (again):
Server address: wrestlr.me
Server port: 5222
Conference room/Groupchat (MUC): wns@conference.wrestlr.me
Username format: you@wrestlr.me [or] them@wrestlr.me

You can also friend other XMPP servers using your @wrestlr.me address.